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열공학공정 실험실

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열공학공정 실험실(Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory)

● 위치,연락처 : 공대 1-A 114호, 530-0465

● 지도교수 : 양영수

● 주요연구분야 : 용접구조물 해석, 유도가열 기술연구

● 연구실 소개 : This lab was established for the research of thermal processing and production engineering by Professor Young-Soo Yang, in 1993. During that time, AMPL has studied about Welding Residual stress relaxation methods, Welding distortion reduction techniques & methods, Thermal/Mechanical Process simulation of welding ( TIG, MIG & LASER... ), Sensitivity analysis of the welding parameters and Optimization of welding process & weld geometries. In addition, Rapid Prototyping(RP) and Micro welding Process Simulation are studied, recently.